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Dive “Exclusive Dive Sites” with Big Blue Diving

Big Blue Diving is known for breaking new ground, developing new ideas and also discovering new dive sites.
Did you know that we dive Punta Habi and Punta Rica, two dive sites in the El Toro marine reserve that are only known to us in this form?
These two dive sites are very suitable for beginners and advanced divers and offer a fantastic underwater landscape. And with a bit of luck, you will also discover extraordinary marine life!👍👌😎🙏❤️


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We are celebrating a bit…

We are celebrating a bit…

We are celebrating🍻😊💯! The high season is successfully mastered ! Super guests, wonderful dives and a great team 2023👏. For fall we expect again the best diving conditions and looooooots of fish🥰. Until 28th of October...

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