Dive sites

Palma wrecks

Sunken cargo ships at a depth of 28 meters. Spectacular dive site for experienced divers!

Palma Caves

Gorgeous caves for advanced divers who want to get their first experience in cave diving.

El Toro

Underwater nature reserve with a magnificent marine fauna that is one of the best in the Balearic Islands!

Punta Cala Figuera

Wonderful dive spot for beginners and returning divers in the southwest of the island.

Punta Cautius

Diving for everyone in crystal clear water, large plateau at 8 meters with transition to 28 meters depth.

Punta Martin

Rocks that reach just below the water surface and a varied marine fauna.

Isla El Sech

Grouped bass, barracuda, octopus, moray eels and wrecks – one of our absolute favorite dive sites!

Punta rica “Drift”

Drifting along a great 20 meter drop off with various larger and smaller rock formations.

Punta Habi

For beginners and advanced divers. Great underwater scenery, great rock formations, a small tunnel towards the end. Max. Depth 28 metres.

Punta Mula

Easy and varied dive site with a maximum depth up to 20 meters.

Isla de Sa Porassa

Wonderful underwater landscape with first-class diving practice sites for beginners.


Beautiful and easy dive site suitable for diving in most weather conditions