Our dive boat – a faithful companion on our dives

Our 12-person dive boat has a new Yamaha engine with 225 hp, which always provides the right thrust. This means that even more distant dive sites can be reached quickly and comfortably. Our boat is steered by our professional captain and is of course equipped to a high safety standard. Besides the case with emergency oxygen, a first-aid kit and a fire extinguisher, there are also enough life jackets on board! An echo sounder and GPS take us precisely to the most fish-rich and beautiful dive sites in the southwest of Mallorca.

Boat Diving + Snorkelling

Snorkel tour from boat

Snorkelling is easy and a lot of fun: experience Mallorca’s breathtakingly beautiful underwater world up close! While snorkelling, swim with the fish, discover starfish and enjoy the sun and the turquoise blue sea. Snorkelling in the most beautiful areas in Mallorca.

There are usually 2 tours daily, in the morning at 10:00 and often in the afternoon at 15:00. The meeting point is always half an hour before departure at our dive centre. The tour lasts about 3 hours.

After a short briefing, you snorkel independently in small groups and discover the underwater world from the surface. It is possible to return to the dinghy at any time for a break.


Scuba Review

Has it been a while since you last dived? Do you feel that your diving skills are a little rusty and your knowledge has faded? Then the Scuba Review Tune refresher course is what you’re looking for. It will reacquaint you with diving.

After a theoretical refresher, you’ll practice assembling your equipment.

Then it’s off into the water from our exclusive beach in front of our dive centre. Here we train many exercises from the Open Water Diver course in a targeted and individual way to give you the necessary safety for your future dives. Especially buoyancy control is in the foreground here.

On a final dive from the beach you will have the opportunity to re-acclimatise and successfully put your refreshed knowledge into practice. Finally, we disassemble the equipment correctly and clean it properly.

Depending on the effort and necessity, the programme lasts between 2-3 hours in total.


Boat dives

Dive with us to the most beautiful dive sites in the south-west of Mallorca. National marine parks, the largest wrecks on the island, small caves, offshore rocky islands and much more await you.

Perfect for beginners and advanced divers!

Mallorca’s south-west is one of the best that the underwater world of the Balearic Islands has to offer. Big Blue Diving takes you to the greatest dive sites, always keeping safety and fun in mind.

We always do 2 guided dives at 2 different dive sites on our diving tours. Depending on the dive sites visited, the tour lasts up to 4 hours.

The preparation for the tour in the morning starts around 9 am in our diving school. Around 10 o’clock the trip starts. For a tour in the afternoon, the divers meet at around 2 pm. Here the tour starts at 3 pm.

If necessary, we dive in 2 different groups, divided into beginners and advanced divers. This allows everyone to dive at their own level in a relaxed way. All dives are guided by our experienced dive guides. No one dives alone with us!