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Big Blue Diving gift vouchers

We often receive enquiries from diving friends who are looking for a suitable gift for someone interested in diving.
As a gift for a birthday, for a party or just to say “thank you”!
For this case, we have been offering our gift vouchers of 50 € / 100 € and 200 € for years.

The recipient can choose what they would like to redeem the voucher for with us. 😎

All our programmes can of course also be purchased as a gift voucher via our booking system on our homepage:

link: Booking / Prices      afterwards: Boat diving / Snorkelling

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Eagle Rays at Cala Figuera

Eagle Rays at Cala Figuera

What a day! Our group have seen 2 Eagle Rays at Cala Figuera today…mind blowing “We met a huge one and a little smaller one and they didn't even went away from us Just awesome! " This year things are really happening...

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