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tauchen Mallorca, plongée Majorque, duiken Mallorca, dive Mallorca, buceo Mallorca

Wonderful impressions of the underwater world of Mallorca


Wonderful pictures of the underwater world of Majorca. It's always nice to dive here in the south – west of the island and relax. Our divers know that...+

tauchen, duiken, plongée Majorque, buceo, dive Mallorca

"Bubblemaker" - the perfect introduction into diving for 8-9 year old children


Magnificent "Bubblemaker" with the 8-year-old Kevin ! A lot of fun for him and Udo ! The condition actually are perfect ! The PADI "B...+

tauchen Mallorca, plongee Majorque, duiken Mallorca, diving Mallorca

New entrance signs


If you see these signs, you have found the right dive center on Mallorca! There are only new signs in front !+

Freediving / Apnoe Mallorca

Freediving Courses


From the 01st April 2016, Big Blue Diving Mallorca also offers two additional PADI freediving courses especially for beginners. Once you want to ...+

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Philip consists Instructor Examination


Congratulations to Philip for getting his PADI Instructor certification today ! He started his instructor career, in which he began an internship in ...+

winter break


Our diving center is closed from 01st November 2015 to 23rd March 2016 for the "hibernation". Because Easter next year,  we`ll open a l...+

dive Mallorca

Award for environmental protection


Big Blue Diving Mallorca has already received several awards from various environmental organizations for the contribution to environmental protection...+

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The Barracudas are back !


As in every later summer, huge groups of barracudas accumulate at the dive sites of Big Blue Diving, which ever enlarge to October. They can reach...+

Divers from Greenland visited Big Blue Diving


A wonderful group of divers from Greenland visited Big Blue Diving. A great fun all of us !+

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Let your regulator checked regularly


Regulators should be regularly checked and maintained by an expert so that they can afford the full power during the dives – here every diver has to b...+